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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import time
import sys
# appends to PYTHONPATH the location of the example codes
import quick2wire.i2c as q2w_i2c
# Arduino's i2c address
address = 0x10
# Arduino Reference:
# switch (i2cData){
# case 0x00: clear display
# case 0x01: display add
# case 0x02: display sub
# case 0x03: display mul
# case 0x04: display div
# case 0x05: display sub
# case 0x06: display mul
# case 0x07: display div
# case 0xF0: display twitalu logo
# case 0xF1: display twitter logo
# This function writes a value into a register
def write_register(addr, reg, data = 0x00):
with q2w_i2c.I2CMaster() as bus:
q2w_i2c.writing_bytes(addr, reg, data))
def display_clear():
write_register(address, 0x00)
def display_ADD():
write_register(address, 0x01)
def display_SUB():
write_register(address, 0x02)
def display_MUL():
write_register(address, 0x03)
def display_DIV():
write_register(address, 0x04)
def display_AND():
write_register(address, 0x05)
def display_OR():
write_register(address, 0x06)
def display_XOR():
write_register(address, 0x07)
def display_ROR():
write_register(address, 0x08)
def display_ROL():
write_register(address, 0x09)
def display_twit_check():
write_register(address, 0x0A)
def display_twit_send():
write_register(address, 0x0B)
def display_wait():
write_register(address, 0x0C)
def countdown(count):
write_register(address, 0x0D, count)
def display_TEST():
write_register(address, 0xF0)
def display_twitalu():
write_register(address, 0xF1)
def emergency_stop():
write_register(address, 0xFF)
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