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files without extensions #4

icodeforlove opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I used this twitpic library previously and it worked like a charm, but due to some changes we needed to read from images without file extensions. Currently the way that mime is working it defaults to application/octet-stream, which causes twitpic to respond with

{"errors":[{"code":400,"message":"Bad Request. Media not included in POST payload."}]}

It would be pretty awesome if you added a way to manually override/provide the mimetype like this:

twitpic.upload({path: "/tmp/887060a0b1cf04a2ea96e91a04c320cc", mimeType: 'image/gif'}, function (data) {

i got it working by just adding the following:

mimeType = opts.mimeType || mime.lookup(opts.path);

Implemented, thanks for the suggestion!

@meltingice meltingice closed this
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