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XenQTT is an MQTT support library and application suite that offers clients powerful and innovative features for working in an MQTT-enabled ecosystem.
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The xenqtt.jar in each release folder is the same as the xenqtt-version.jar. It is supplied for convenience 
when running XenQTT applications. The versioned JAR is better suited when using it as a dependency in another 

0.9.8 - PENDING

	Ticket #8 fixed: bug in toString() that throws an exception when the payload is zero length
	Added isEmpty() method to PublishMessage
	Allowed use of null value for empty payload when creating a PublishMessage

	Ticket #5 fixed: any command line args that are specified without required values will cause an error 
	Ticket #4 fixed: removed erroneous -c from the mock broker application specific command line args
	Ticket #2 fixed: added constructor arg and -i command line arg to mock broker to make the broker accept any credentials
	Fixed minor issues with argument validation text formatting
	Fixed minor issues with help display formatting
	Fixed bug where null pointer exception was thrown if the jar was run from the command line with no arguments.
	Fixed bug that can cause an AsyncClientListener callback to be called with a null message when multiple acks are received for a message.

	Fixed bug in latency stats collection
	Fixed issue where log4j was required when using the APIs. Now logging is disabled in log4j is not found.
	Added max in-flight messages configuration to MQTT client.
	Moved all command line application logs to ./logs directory.
	Added command line option to log to the console for command line applications.
	Added max in-flight messages command line option to the proxy.
	Updated client and proxy to be sure the same message ID is never reused before it is acknowledged.
	Fixed a bug where ping requests were not always sent to the broker properly resulting in disconnection.
	Updated command line help to be more... helpful
	Added the clustering proxy.
	Added statistics to the client API.
	Added received timestamp to PublishMessage for use by clients.
	Added the MqttClientDebugListener interface clients can use to have visibility into the MQTT messaging layers for debugging.
	Added examples of client and mock broker API use cases in the package net.sf.xenqtt.examples.
	Made the test client more robust.
	Fixed various small bugs.
	Updated the client API to make it simpler to use and make type names more consistent.
	Fixed memory leak in the asynchronous client 
	Fixed various other minor bugs

    Simplified Client configuration.
	Fixed all known bugs in Client and Mock Broker.
	Added features to Client and Mock Broker.
	Performed various load tests successfully.
	Fixed all known bugs in Client and Mock Broker.
	Added more functional/integration test cases.
	Testing publishing to central maven repo 
	Load tests pending before 1.0.0 release.
		Feature complete and functionally tested. 
		Load tests pending before 1.0.0 release
	Mock Broker: 
		Feature complete with some minor bugs. 
		Should be usable for most testing scenarios. 
		Load tests pending before 1.0.0 release
	Initial release. This should not be used for anything other than API evaluation.
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