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A collection of scripts and tools.
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A collection of scripts and tools to help with software development.

  • rebuild-sims: Delete all  simulators and recreate one for each compatible platform and device type pairing.
  • sync-forks: Make sure all your GitHub forks are clones into a given directory, and have “upstream” remotes pointing to the repos that were forked.
  • changetag: Extract changelog entries to write into git tag annotation messages.



Install directly at the command line:

gem install tworingtools

Or make sure you have the following in your Gemfile:

source ''
gem 'tworingtools'


Distributed as a Ruby Gem with executable scripts. Clone or download this repo, then cd in and run

gem build tworingtools.gemspec
gem install tworingtools-1.0.0.gem # make sure you use the right filename, in case the version is newer or formatting changes!

You should then have all the tools available in your PATH.



  • --upstream-sync: fetch upstream's default branch, try to apply new commits to local default branch using --ff-only and push to forks' remotes
  • --tags: download tags from upstreams
  • --repo: only sync the repo name provided
  • --standardize-remotes: for forks already cloned locally, inspect the git remotes and ensure a remote exists for the fork's repo named “origin” and one exists for the original repo's remote named “upstream”
  • --prune: delete any repositories not found in the forks list received from GitHub api


  • Post extracted changelog entries to GitHub/GitLab/etc release notes for tags. This will cause them to actually be rendered with markdown, whereas the tag annotation messages are not. May need to rename from changetag to something more appropriate, or create a different tool to do this part.


Issues and pull requests are welcome!

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