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Practice Science Bowl

Electron app and server for running a practice National Science Bowl round.


  • 5 second tossup timer and 20 second bonus timer
  • Unlimited number of players on each team
  • Players can use their phones as a buzzer
  • Allows for interrupts
  • Correctly keeps score
  • Follows the rest of the official rules of NSB


  • No way to record blurts
  • Players need to be on the same WiFi network as the server
  • Server only works on Windows

How to use

  1. Get the latest version of the desktop app from releases.
  2. Unzip the release and run practice-bowl.exe on a Windows computer.
  3. Each player should connect to the same WiFi network as the computer with their phone or other device.
  4. Players should go to the IP address listed at the top of the desktop app from a browser, something like
  5. Follow the instructions on the app 😉

Using the Pin button on the server app is useful when you want to keep the window "always on top" while you have another app open.

Desktop/Server screenshots

Start reading a (tossup) question:

Start reading question screen

While reading a (tossup) question (listening for interrupts from either team):

Stop reading question screen

5 second timer for tossups (listening for a buzz from either team):

5 second tossup timer screen

When a team buzzes in:

Tossup answered screen

20 second timer for bonus question (listening for a buzz from the team that answered the previous tossup):

20 second bonus timer screen

Client/Player screenshots

Shows the players name, team, score, and a buzzer button.

Screenshot of client webpage on Android phone


Electron app and server for a practice National Science Bowl round





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