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UnSupported Services

This plugin creates a new system Services channel within Plex Media Server (PMS) to supplement the current official Services.bundle. The intent of this channel is to keep a centralized list of host available to multiple channels just as the current Services bundle does, with the key difference that this channel updates/installs separately from the main Services bundle and will be avaialbe outside of PMS releases.

I plan to make a few channels that will require this UnSupported Services channel. Since PMS service code is delegated via alphanumeric listing, this will solve the issue created when making channels that require the same video host.

Note: the author of this plugin has no affiliation with any of the video host provided by this channel nor the owners of the content that they host.




  • Download the channel and install it by following the Plex instructions or the instructions below.
    • Unzip and rename the folder to UnSupportedServices.bundle
    • Copy UnSupportedServices.bundle into the PMS Plug-ins directory
    • Unix based platforms need to chown plex:plex -R UnSupportedServices.bundle after moving it into the Plug-ins directory (user:group may differ by platform)
    • Restart PMS




  • Delete current UnSupportedServices.bundle from PMS Plug-ins directory
  • Continue by following the Manual Install directions
  • Important: make sure to restart PMS after manually installing


Host List