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Collection of gizmos and tool-sets created by myself.
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Collection of gizmos and tool-sets created by myself.

List of gizmos and tool-sets

  • XA_Keyer: An enhanced Keyer gizmo that in addition to the usual Nuke’s Keyer parameters, it has some more operations and options that can help in the keying process: lin>log preprocess, custom luminance algorithm, chrominance keying, difference keying, bump keyer, ... You can find more information at

  • XA_MatteFromID_v01: A simple matte generator for id channels. Select the layer where the id is stored and select the channels that you want to be part of the matte.

  • XA_MatteFromID_v02: An inprove version which allows to add more that one layer to the matte.

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