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Attempt to create a pipeline management app for personal projects.
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Attempt to create a pipeline management app for personal projects.


This is my first GUI Python app. The aim of this project was to learn Python3 and PySide2 while creating a pipeline management tool for my personal projects.

Right now, I have only developed the asset management part of it. The software allows take control of the assets you create and have in your project. It creates a general database for all the assets, where it stores the asset name, type and last modified date. It also creates an additional database for each asset to store more specific information about the 'asset files' (the software files used to develop and create the asset). In addition to be able to store notes about each asset file, it also allows the user to open the asset file by double clicking in the table.

The naming convention and folder structure that I have chosen is the one that I use in my personal projects. It's far from being perfect but I think that it's quite clear and easy to follow.

As for the interaction with the different softwares, right now the user has to version up the files on its own following the naming convention and the version number. After that, clicking 'Update' in the Asset Browser will allow the user to add those asset files to the asset's database with some notes (if wanted).

I would appreciate any kind of constructive feedback, both code or pipeline related ones.


Python 3.5 (or higher) and PySide2.

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