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Implementation of paper "Pyramid Multi-View Stereo with Local Consistency" based on COLMAP framework
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The project is based on the COLMAP framework. Please refer to for more information like installation and tutorial. The usage of this application is similair to that of COLMAP. We demonstrate one example of command-lines applying PLC on Linux below. The main differerences from COLMAP command-lines lay on the 'colmap patch_match_stereo' block where we add options for applying pyramid architecture and local consistency.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/Qt5.12.0/5.12.0/gcc_64/lib/ iname=$1/ gpu=$2 filter=$3 depth_error=$4 reproj_error=$5 PROJECT_PATH=${iname}result DATABASE=${iname}sample_reconstruction.db

mkdir ${PROJECT_PATH} mkdir ${PROJECT_PATH}/images cp -n ${iname}*.jpg ${PROJECT_PATH}/images

colmap feature_extractor
--database_path ${DATABASE}
--image_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/images
--ImageReader.camera_model RADIAL
--ImageReader.single_camera 1
--SiftExtraction.use_gpu 1
--SiftExtraction.gpu_index ${gpu}

colmap exhaustive_matcher
--database_path ${DATABASE}
--SiftMatching.use_gpu 1
--SiftMatching.max_num_matches 10000
--SiftMatching.gpu_index ${gpu}

mkdir ${PROJECT_PATH}/sparse colmap mapper
--database_path ${DATABASE}
--image_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/images
--output_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/sparse

mkdir ${PROJECT_PATH}/dense

colmap image_undistorter
--image_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/images
--input_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/sparse/0/
--output_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/dense
--output_type COLMAP

colmap patch_match_stereo
--workspace_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/dense
--workspace_format COLMAP
--PatchMatchStereo.filter true
--PatchMatchStereo.geom_consistency true
--PatchMatchStereo.gpu_index ${gpu}
--PatchMatchStereo.pyramid_stereo_match 3
--PatchMatchStereo.pyramid_stereo_match_l 0
--PatchMatchStereo.smoothness 0.99
--PatchMatchStereo.num_iterations 5

colmap stereo_fusion
--workspace_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/dense
--workspace_format COLMAP
--input_type geometric
--StereoFusion.min_num_pixels 5
--StereoFusion.max_num_pixels 1000
--StereoFusion.max_depth_error $depth_error
--StereoFusion.max_reproj_error $reproj_error
--output_path ${PROJECT_PATH}/dense/fused_1.ply

If you find this work helpful for you, please cite our paper and "Pixelwise View Selection for Unstructured Multi-View Stereo".

@article {10.1111:cgf.13841, journal = {Computer Graphics Forum}, title = {{Pyramid Multi-View Stereo with Local Consistency}}, author = {Liao, Jie and Fu, Yanping and Yan, Qingan and Xiao, Chunxia}, year = {2019}, publisher = {The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.}, ISSN = {1467-8659}, DOI = {10.1111/cgf.13841} }

@inproceedings{schoenberger2016mvs, author={Sch"{o}nberger, Johannes Lutz and Zheng, Enliang and Pollefeys, Marc and Frahm, Jan-Michael}, title={Pixelwise View Selection for Unstructured Multi-View Stereo}, booktitle={European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)}, year={2016}, }

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