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Choosing the videos

Try to choose videos that only show one perspective or has only one person speaking primarily. Just like the blogs, for the purposes of training the model we need seperate labels which means no cross over if possible. As for the captions themsevles, when you turn them on, an overlay will display that says "English (auto generated). Try to avoid these if possible, but if you think you have a really good video, put these in a seperate play list (no need to seperate by sentiment, as someone will have to go through them manually anyways).

NOTE ON AUTOGENERATION Of course, if you take a few extra minutes when evaluating autogenerated caption and find that they are close to perfect, it's acceptable to add them to a main list. We're simply concerned with the quality of such captions as they can range from nearly perfect to completely useless.

Adding to YouTube playlists

You can add to the collaborative playlists directly by following the appropriate links below.

Here's the library of playlists

  • Abortion - Pro-life: Believe life begins at conception and that abortion is immoral and possibly akin to murder

  • Abortion - Pro-choice: Believe a woman has a right to body autonomy, that life does not begin at conception or otherwise believe abortion should be legal and accessible

  • Religion - Believers: Believe in a higher power in the form of a specific deity or deities. This deity is usually a creator god, but may or may not directly intervene in human affairs.

  • Religion - Non-believers: Believe that there is no higher power beyond what is observable or provable within the natural world. Can also include agnostics (not certain)

  • Guns - Pro-gun: Believe that citizens have the right to own firearms for purposes other than hunting/sport or occupation. Does not have to include support for concealed/open carry

  • Guns - Anti-gun: Believe that citizens should not own firearms for any reason except for hunting/sport or occupational reasons.

Manuel Instructions

If you for some reason cannot, or do not wish to add videos directly to the plalists, you can submit a plalist. First, download the following app from sourceforge to make sure it works for you.


Then what you need to do is make a playlist and title it appropriately, such as Drug Policy - Decriminalize, then add suitable videos to it. Once you're done, you browse to the URL that holds your playlist and open of Youtube Extractor. Paste the url into the field and export it as a text file. Then upload the text file to the Youtube Captions folder. The file you want will take on the name of the playlist.