A simple RTS in Java written with lwjgl and Slick.
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Swarm, a Java RTS

Swarm is more of a learning tool than anything else. It uses advanced programming concepts forcing me to learn how to use them appropriately. Furthermore, it is a way to get used to developing a game.

Future Plans

I plan on keeping this project updated for as long as I am in school. The idea is to constantly apply new concepts as I learn them. Hopefully, this leads to an evolution of the game ending with as close to perfection as I can get.

About the Game

###Concept Swarm is an RTS focused on multiple short quick battles rather than long and drawn out wars. The idea is to completely remove resource gathering from the gameplay. The winner will be the one who can plan and carry out long-term battle strategies not who can mash buttons quickest. ###Mechanics The basic mechanic is similar to capture the flag in many games in other genres. "Stars" are the capture point, and once capturing them, they will produce ships (the basic fighting unit). You start already controlling a star with an undetermined amount of ships. Once you control all stars (6-8 on a 2-player map) you win.