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A scripting language built for easy integration with Rust, with a focus on first-class controll flow.

First and foremost, Ares is a scripting language built for easy integration with Rust, C, and any other language that has good C bindings. Ares has been heavily influenced by Lua and Lisp, and takes great pride in being minimalist to the core.

To the goal of having a very small core, Ares has Tagged Delimited Continuations, a language feature that allow other language features to be built as libraries. For example, Ares does not support exceptions, generators, or async/await at the language level, but instead are a part of the standard library. Tagged Delimited Continuations are a very powerful construct, but are composable in a way that you may never actually see them in use! Instead, a developer will use them transparently through code that other programmers have written.


  • Finish list implementation
  • Write object implementation
  • Write module loader
  • Write module API
  • Write event loop
  • Write event loop API


Write module loader, from there implement most "methods" on list and object as standard library modules.