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Client for Yandex.Disk based on WebDav.


pip install YaDiskClient

Source code


explanatory article

Using API

from YaDiskClient.YaDiskClient import YaDisk
disk = YaDisk(login, password)

disk.df() # show used and available space # list of files/folder with attributes
disk.mkdir(path) # create directory

disk.rm(path) # remove file or directory
disk.cp(src, dst) # copy from src to dst, dst) # move from src to dst

disk.upload(src, dst) # upload local file src to remote file dst, dst) # download remote file src to local file dst

disk.publish_doc(path) # return public url
disk.hide_doc(path) # remove public url form Yandex Disk


For run tests:
  1. Set Yandex username and password in file tests/
  2. python -m unittest discover -s tests -t tests