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Polished Example Applications

Example Shiny applications using polished for authentication & user management. All demo apps below have been deployed with Polished Hosting.

You can sign into each of the apps linked below using:

Additionally, the code for each app is available in this repo. To run the apps locally, you will need to set up polished. Set up instructions are available at the Polished documentation

1. 01_minimal_example

Live App

All polished apps use the API available at All you need is a copy of your secret API key provided at and your provided app name, then the polished API handles the rest. You can find more information about the polished API here.

2. 02_custom_sign_in

Live App

Companies & developers often want to add custom logos and branding to the Sign In and Registration pages. With polished, you can easily customize these pages. Just pass your custom UI to the sign_in_page_ui argument of secure_ui().

3. 03_no_invite_required

Live App

Allow anyone to register and sign in to your app (i.e. no invite required to register and sign in) by setting the is_invite_required argument of polished_config() to FALSE.

4. 04_apps_dashboard

Live App

With polished, users can sign in to multiple Shiny apps using the same email/password sign in credentials. This allows you to make a dashboard of Shiny apps. Users who sign into the dashboard of Shiny apps (or any Shiny app hosted in the same polished project) will then not have to reenter their credentials to switch between the Shiny apps they are authorized to access. You can set user access at a per Shiny application level. These are the example Shiny apps we included in the example Shiny Apps Dashboard

5. 05_rmarkdown

Secure .Rmd documents. You can even use Shiny runtime. Flexdashboards are frequently used with Shiny runtime.

Live App

6. 06_social_sign_in

Live App

Allow your users to sign in with social sign in providers.

7. 07_alt_sign_in_ui

Live App

Use an alternate default sign in UI provided by Tychobra. Update this UI with your brand colors, logos, and company name in minutes.

8. 08_golem_app

Use golem with polished.

Live App


Example Apps for Polished







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