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Official docker build for Tyk Dashboard
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Official Tyk Dashboard Docker Build

This container only contains the Tyk Dashboard, the Tyk Gateway is provided as a separate container and needs to be set up and running (with the Dashboard enabled) before it will work with this container.

The following ports are required to be open:

For Redis: 6379 For MongoDB: 27017


  1. Ensure you have set up the Redis, MongoDB and Tyk Gateway containers

  2. Set up the docker instance IP as the Dashboard hostname (in your /etc/hosts file or as a DNS): dashboard.tyk.docker

  3. Run the Dashboard

    docker run -d --name tyk_dashboard -p 3000:3000 --link tyk_redis:redis --link tyk_mongo:mongo --link tyk_gateway:tyk_gateway tykio/tyk-dashboard

  4. You should now be able to access your Dashboard at http://dashboard.tyk.docker:3000/ (note for OSX users, replace with whatever IP address your docker VM runs)

  5. Enter your Dashboard License. Go to http://dashboard.tyk.docker:3000/. You will see a screen asking for a license, enter it in the section marked “Already have a license?” and click Use this license.

  6. Grab the bootstrap script from our tyk-dashboard github repo and run:

    ./ dashboard.tyk.docker

To use an external configuration files, use the -v option to mount it over /opt/tyk-dashboard/tyk_analytics.conf

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