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Kubernetes ingress controller and sidecar injector for Tyk API Gateway
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Tyk Kubernetes Controller

This application performs two core functions:

  1. Provides an Ingress controller for a Tyk Pro (Dashboard) installation
  2. Provides a (Beta) sidecar injector for Service Mesh installations

Ingress Controller

The ingress controller will watch the Kubernetes API for new ingresses, any new ingresses that are tagged to the controller will then cause the controller to generate a corresponding open service definition in your Tyk Dashboard installation.

Removing an ingress will then remove the corresponding API definition.


It is recommended to use the Tyk for Kubernetes Helm chart which is available here.


To use the ingress controller, simply add the ingress annotation to your definition: "tyk"

Service Mesh

The service mesh controller will expose an Admission Controller Mutating Webhook for the K8s API to intercept Pod activities. The controller will modify those pods to include a gateway sidecar and a firewall to route traffic to the sidecar. These containers are still under heavy development and will definetely change in future.

This feature is still TBC

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