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warning: This package is not needed anymore. gatsby-source-wordpress v4+ includes this by default

Gatsby WordPress inline images

gatsby-source-wordpress doesn't process images in blocks of text which means your admin site has to serve the images. This plugin solves that.

Require gatsby-source-wordpress and gatsby-image to be preinstalled

This is a WIP and little testing has been done. I modified this code from my alternative WP source plugin wordsby which was originally modified from gatsby-remark-images. Currently this plugin isn't doing any caching of images. This plugin is also currently hardcoded to only work on pages and posts and only on the post content field. Other post types and fields will be supported later. There is a bunch of commented out code that needs to be sorted through. If you need this plugin please help out by sending PR's!


yarn add gatsby-wordpress-inline-images

Add this plugin as a plugin of gatsby-source-wordpress. Be sure to specify your baseurl and protocol a second time in the gatsby-wordpress-inline-images options, not just in the gatsby-source-wordpress options.

    resolve: `gatsby-source-wordpress`,
    options: {
      baseUrl: ``
      protocol: `https`,
      plugins: [
            resolve: `gatsby-wordpress-inline-images`,
            options: {
              baseUrl: ``,
              protocol: `https`


	resolve: `gatsby-source-wordpress`,
	options: {
		// required
		baseUrl: ``,
		protocol: `https`,
		// defaults
		maxWidth: 650,
		wrapperStyle: ``,
		postTypes: ["post", "page"],
		backgroundColor: `white`,
		withWebp: false, // enable WebP files generation
		useACF: false, // process <img> tags in ACF fields too
		// add any image sharp fluid options here
		// ...


Fluid images for gatsby-source-wordpress inline images in post_content



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