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Welcome to your VS Code Extension

What's in the folder

  • This folder contains all of the files necessary for your extension.
  • package.json - this is the manifest file that defines the location of the snippet file and specifies the language of the snippets.
  • snippets/snippets.json - the file containing all snippets.

Get up and running straight away

  • Press F5 to open a new window with your extension loaded.
  • Create a new file with a file name suffix matching your language.
  • Verify that your snippets are proposed on intellisense.

Make changes

  • You can relaunch the extension from the debug toolbar after making changes to the files listed above.
  • You can also reload (Ctrl+R or Cmd+R on Mac) the VS Code window with your extension to load your changes.

Install your extension

  • To start using your extension with Visual Studio Code copy it into the <user home>/.vscode/extensions folder and restart Code.
  • To share your extension with the world, read on about publishing an extension.
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