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Latest Snap No Longer Includes StructureMapAspectContainer (the code is commented out) #15

rwgeorge opened this Issue Oct 13, 2011 · 4 comments

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I'm following examples and putting code to action. The main problem? The latest release of the Snap.StructureMap library does not have a StructureMapAspectContainer. Can anyone help me get started with Snap in StructureMap with the latest release? Thanks!


It appears that the Snap.StructureMap library I obtained from NuGet was released on 9/22/2011, but the file StructureMapAspectContainer source was committed on 9/29/2011. I've noticed that NuGet thinks this project is hosted at, but in reality it is hosted at Could this be the problem? The site also shows all links pointing to ~/Acoustic. Thanks for looking into this.


Got it (I think). When I installed Snap.StructureMap.1.7 using NuGet in Visual Studio 2010, it did not register the Snap.StructureMap.dll, which is in the ~/packages/lib/net35/ directory. It instead registered ~/packages/lib/net40/StructureMap.dll. So, to be clear, installing Snap.StructureMap using NuGet does not register the appropriate dll.


Other than the dll not loading from NuGet, I think this one is closed.

@rwgeorge rwgeorge closed this Oct 14, 2011

I'll repackage everything for 1.8 when it ships.

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