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saw is a multi-purpose tool for AWS CloudWatch Logs

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Run from Docker

docker run --rm -it -v ~/.aws:/home/.aws tbrock/saw


Mac OS X

brew tap TylerBrock/saw
brew install saw


Arch Linux (source)

# Using pacaur
pacaur -S saw

# Using trizen
trizen -S saw

# Using yaourt
yaourt -S saw

# Using makepkg
git clone
cd saw
makepkg -sri

Red Hat Based Distributions (Fedora/RHEL/CentOS/Amazon Linux)

rpm -i <link_to_rpm_you_need_from_releases>

Debian Based Distributions (Debian/Ubuntu)

wget <link_to_deb_you_need_from_releases>
sudo dpkg -i <the_deb_name>

Manual Install/Update

  • Install go
  • Configure your GOPATH and add $GOPATH/bin to your path
  • Run go get -u

Windows Specifics

  • Add %GOPATH%/bin to your path (optional)
  • Run from gopath/bin (If not in your path)
    cd %GOPATH%/bin
    saw ...


  • Basic

    # Get list of log groups
    saw groups
    # Get list of streams for production log group
    saw streams production
  • Watch

    # Watch production log group
    saw watch production
    # Watch production log group streams for api
    saw watch production --prefix api
    # Watch production log group streams for api and filter for "error"
    saw watch production --prefix api --filter error
  • Get

    # Get production log group for the last 2 hours
    saw get production --start -2h
    # Get production log group for the last 2 hours and filter for "error"
    saw get production --start -2h --filter error
    # Get production log group for api between 26th June 2018 and 28th June 2018
    saw get production --prefix api --start 2018-06-26 --stop 2018-06-28


  • Colorized output that can be formatted in various ways

    • --expand Explode JSON objects using indenting
    • --rawString Print JSON strings instead of escaping ("\n", ...)
    • --invert Invert white colors to black for light color schemes
    • --raw, or --pretty, for watch and get commands respectively, toggles display of the timestamp and stream name prefix.
  • Filter logs using CloudWatch patterns

    • --filter foo Filter logs for the text "foo"
  • Watch aggregated interleaved streams across a log group

    • saw watch production Stream logs from production log group
    • saw watch production --prefix api Stream logs from production log group with prefix "api"

Profile and Region Support

By default Saw uses the region and credentials in your default profile. You can override these to your liking using the command line flags:

# Use personal profile
saw groups --profile personal

# Use us-west-1 region
saw groups --region us-west-1

Alternatively you can hard code these in your shell's init scripts (bashrc, zshrc, etc...):

# Export profile and region that override the default
export AWS_PROFILE='work_profile'
export AWS_REGION='us-west-1'

Run Tests

From root of repository: go test -v ./...


  • Bash + ZSH completion of log groups + (streams?)
  • Create log streams and groups
  • Delete log streams and groups
  • Basic tests
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