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HalliganHelper Bug Tracker

This repository will serve as the bug tracker for


We're trying to encourage more open communication between everyone who uses the site and everyone who makes the site. Rather than having bug reports and complaints trickle through the halls of Halligan, let's record them here so that we can let you know what we're working on.

How To Submit A Bug

  1. Head on over to the issues tab.

  2. Search to see if the problem has already been reported

    • If it has, and you have additional information that you think would be helpful, leave a comment!
    • Please do not leave any "Me too!" type comments. We'll probably lock comment threads with too much noise, as it doesn't help us get to the root of a problem.
    • If you feel that an issue is particularly important, then use one these new github reactions! Popular issues will help influence our future work.
  3. If you can't find an existing issue, make a new one. We've added a nifty template for reporting issues. While many fields are optional, we ask that you provide as much information as you can.

Request For Comments (RFCs)

If we have ideas for features, but aren't sure of certain UX details or if the feature would be well-received at all, we'll create issues and tag them with RFC. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion here, and we'll use it to inform our decisions.

Bugs You Should Submit

  • Feature Requests
  • Reporting problems with the site

Bugs You Shouldn't Submit

  • Security related problems
  • Login and Password related issues

For these problems, please email us at Reported issues that fall in to these categories will likely be deleted without warning.


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