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Netlify Status

Fernfolio β€” An 11ty Portfolio Template

Launch your personal portfolio in minutes and modify content without opening a code editor!

fernfolio screenshot

πŸ–₯  Demo

πŸ€” What is this?

An Eleventy theme designed to simplify the process of creating a beautiful portfolio and blog. Tightly integrated with Netlify CMS for flexible, Git-powered content management.

✨ Features

  • Deep integration with Netlify CMS. Modify content without opening a code editor.
  • Customizable blog and project pages with tag support
  • Working contact form powered by Netlify Forms
  • Fast page speeds and high lighthouse scores
  • Uses Markdown for content files and Nunjucks for layouts
  • 100% Javascript framework free
  • SCSS support with sane base styles
  • Continuous Deployment workflow via Netlify
  • Responsive images generated at build time
  • Minified HTML with HTMLMinifier
  • Minified CSS with cssnano
  • Turbolinks integration to enable instant navigation without page refresh
  • Useful Nunjuck filters built in

πŸš€ Quick Start

1. Click the "Deploy to Netlify" button below

Deploy to Netlify

This will clone this repo to your github account and will deploy a copy of the demo website to your Netlify account (you can create an account during this process if you don't have one).

2. Setup authentication

After deploying this project, Netlify Identity will add you as a CMS user and will email you an invite. Open that email, hit the "Accept the invite" link, and that should redirect you to the deployed site. From there, you can add your password to finish user setup.

3. Edit some content

Now that you are added as a CMS user, add /admin to the end of your site url, refesh the page, and log in using your new credentials. You should now see the content dashboard. Now you can start editing content!

Any changes saved in the CMS will trigger a git commit in your repo. That new commit will then trigger an auto-deployplent on Netlify.

🏠 Local Development

If you want to test things locally before deploying, follow the steps below:

  • open your terminal
  • Clone the repo locally git clone
  • Navigate to root folder: cd fernfolio-11ty-template/
  • Install the goods: npm install
  • Run it: npm start
  • You should now be able to see everything running on localhost:8080

πŸ’» Development Scripts

npm start

Run 11ty with hot reload at localhost:8080

npm run build

Generate minified production build

Use this as the "Publish command" if needed by hosting such as Netlify.

πŸ’‘ Dark mode

To enable switching from light to dark mode, global.json has some settings:

  • enable_theme_switch: set to true if you want your visitors to be able to switch theme
  • default_theme: set to dark or another value (which always means light)
  • use_system_theme: set to true if you want the system preference to be enforced

🎩 Common issues

If you change the repo that was created at deploy time from public to private, you'll need to regenerate your token, as the token generated using the deploy to Netlify button can only access public repositories. To regenerate your token, head to "Settings" in your Netlify site dashboard, go to the "Identity" section, then scroll to "Services" where you'll see an "Edit settings" button. Click that and you'll see a text link to "Generate access token in GitHub".

πŸ—£ Bug reports, feature requests, etc.

This is a fun side project for me and I always welcome questions/comments. If you run into any problems or have a feature request, please open an issue. I try to read every one and will gladly assist you whenever possible.


This project was originally forked from eleventy-netlify-boilerplate, but completely revamped to match the needs of a modern porfolio.