View a beautiful, material design-based 10 day weather forecast
Latest commit 362f8b2 Sep 10, 2015 @TylerMcCraw feat: adding initial db, contract, and test classes
- Adding DB Helper, WeatherContract and other DB related classes to
prepare for storing weather and location data for offline use
- Adding test classes to test database functionality


This is the companion Android app for the Udacity course Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals, in which students are instructed to rebuild the application, Sunshine (v2).


android-weather allows users to view the current ten-day forecast for their current location. This data is pulled from OpenWeatherMap, an open-source API for retrieving weather data across the world.

Udacity Sunshine App

If you would, as a developer, like to use your own OpenWeatherMap API Key, please fill go to to generate your own API key and fill this into the constant OWM_APIKEY in the class


Inspirational design of application:

OpenWeatherMap API:

Determining last, most accurate location:

Weather Icons + logo:


MIT License