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Advanced Calculators

Supports Spree >= 0.9.x

Adapted from code by Michael Lang by Marcin Raczkowski.

old version that works with 0.8 code can be found at

Advanced Calculators allow you to define shipping costs based on shipping method and ranges of parameters from line items.

When installed, a new "Advenced Caclulators Settings" link is added to the Configuration area in the Spree administration interface. There after creating one of advanced calculators you can define as many different rates as required, and link them to the relevant Calculator.

Each advanced calculator contains the following values:

  1. Calculator: Each Rate is associated with a Calculator, which is used to calculate charges.

  2. Floor: This is the lower bound for rate. The value is not included.

  3. Ceiling: This is the upper bound for rate. This value is inclusive.

  4. Shipping Rate: Is the shipping charge to apply to the order for order's that fall within ththe renge set by Floor and Ceiling.

Quick Start

  1. Install extension:

    script/extension install git://

  2. Migrate the database (or bootstrap if you want the sample data for testing)

    rake db:migrate