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some helpful new git commands and a MUI (menu user interface) to increase your git happiness
VimL Ruby
Latest commit dc0da00 @TylerRick Changed --revert to mean "Goes back one commit before the specified
commit, effectively reverting whatever that commit did to this file.
Implies --overwrite." instead of being synonymous to --overwrite.


git add
git branches-commit-is-in
git branch-menu
git copy
git current-branch
git diff-interactive
git each-unadded     : This is for *untracked* files as git add -p is for *unstaged* (but tracked) files
git fix-bad-spaces
git ls-files-by-status
git merge-to
git play-their-log
git restore
git save-untracked-files-to-branch
git stash-with-untracked
git their-log
git update
git vimdiff
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