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Full static HTML + JS code to make a sticky not kind of board
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Simple HTML Viewer for lists

When you've multiple lists to manage and you don't want a cross platform, web syncing stuff like google keep!

I maintain my lists using VIM, much easier than all list-managers out there. This html+js combo just takes that list and displays in a nice (IMHO) view.

Obligatory screenshot


Just unzip all files to a folder. Open index.html in a browser. Tested in Chrome and Firefox.


Edit board.js.yml. Any good text editor will do. Syntax is YAML.

Each box has a title, color and items. Each item is indented and with a hyphen followed by a space.

An item can have the following markers after the hyphen and space.

  1. hyphen (-) will put a strikethrough the text. Good for showing done items.
  2. carat (^) will put a flag. Put more ^ for showing more flags.
  3. tilde (~) will put a mail icon. Put more ~ if needed. This can indicate wip items.

Dependencies & Credits

  • JQuery - linked from index.html.
  • JQuery Masonry - linked from index.html.
  • yaml.js - included because I thought direct linking to a repository is not nice.
  • Fam Fam icons - 2 icons linked from board.css.

If you want to run all of these locally so that you want to view it without net connection, get local copies of these files.

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