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Welcome to the Fruits Smasher Logic game wiki!

You can play on https://tymski.github.io/Fruits/

It is a logic game for your browser, both for mobile and for PC. Game is played on a tiled board that is full of fruits. Goal of the game is to collect all the fruits on the board by making multiple moves. Moves can be played in the same column, row or diagonal.

How to play?

Make moves to collect all the fruits.

How to make a move?

Step one: Click on one of the fruits.
It will be selected and will start rotating. It is selected! And it is ready to make a move.
To deselect it tap it again or choose a fruit of different kind or choose a fruit in different column/row/diagonal.
Step two: Click on the second fruit.
You need to pick a second fruit of the same kind in the same column, row or diagonal. For example, pick 2 apples in a column. Once you picked the 2 fruits, both of them and every fruit in-between them will disappear. You made a move! Now go back to step one, to make another move.


  1. Levels are always the same. I mean, if you enter level 5, quit the app, go back to level 5, it will be the same arrengement of fruits.
  2. Each level has at least one solution. Usually though, there are many different ways to clear a level. And don't tell me "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!". I check each level for available solutions before adding it to the game. And I made my map editor in such a way, that I can not add a level to my server if I don't complete the level.


You can get up to 3 stars for a level.

  • Collect all the fruits in the level - Get 3 stars
  • Collect all but one fruits - You get 2 stars
  • If you have 2 fruits on the game board and no possible moves - You get one star.
  • There are 3 or more fruits left in the level - You get nothing.

Level Packs

Levels are grouped into packs. Each pack has many levels in similar size and difficulty. But the bigger number level, the bigger it is and the more fruit variety in the level. Level 3 may have 3 different fruit types and level 150 may have 8 different fruit types. But there are no hard rules.

Bombs, dynamite, landmines...

Explosive levels contain explosive objects. Each of those can destroy 3x3 area. But only the 2 explosives you click and every explosive in-between explodes. There are no chain reactions going on with explosives in this game. That means explosives in the 3x3 area that are not in-between, don't explode.

Let's play! Click!

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