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It's a serialized in-memory and strongly-typed database developed in C#
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About Type-DB.Core

💡 Type-DB is a serialized, in-memory and strongly-typed database system developed in C#.

Official Type-DB Documentation:

Gitter Chat Room:

NuGet Package:

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What is Type-DB

Type-DB is made to meet the needs of any developer whether for an embedded project, to implement a cache system, or simply when you need a cool database, it is certain that you will love his modularity.

Key-Object Concept instead of Key-Value

The core concept of Type-DB is to replace the old concept of KeyValue dictionnaries with a new KeyObject system, that allows you to store any .Net Objects directly into a Type-DB Instance (see Standalone or Remote Mode)

Basic Usage

If you need a simple C# snippet to understand what is Type-DB, take a look here:

using (var tdb = new TypeDB.Core(Mode.Standalone).Connect())
using (var db = tdb.OpenDatabase("test", true))
    db.Set<int>("NumberOfCars", 28);
    var numberOfCars = db.Get<int>("NumberOfCars");

Standalone or Remote Mode

Two operating modes are available on Type-DB, the Standalone mode that does not require the use of a server, which is very convenient for embedded projects, and the Remote mode that is coupled with a Type-DB Server.

Using Example in a Remote Mode:

var tdb = new TypeDB.Core(TypeDB.Mode.Remote)
.Configure(new TypeDB.Configuration
    Endpoint = new Endpoint("localhost", 7000)

Getting Started with Type-DB

To start using Type-DB we advise you to read our documentation.

About the Author

Type-DB is powered by Clint.Network and published under the MIT License.

If you want to make a little donation (or bigger), use this Bitcoin address: 3NKHzncjpJmXzgEbAUy8hgCNpr4eVzcajZ

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