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@matthewlipski matthewlipski released this 05 Mar 14:29
· 36 commits to main since this release

v0.12 is a big one, which unlocks a number of highly requested features (and fixes) 馃コ! As part of this, we're also shipping a brand new website with plenty of updated examples and completely revised the documentation.

Looking forward to your feedback! Although most of the API has stayed the same, there are a few breaking changes. Let us know in case you have trouble upgrading.


  • New nextjs based website! with major update to Docs and a lot of new Examples.
  • Go beyond Custom Blocks, also customize your editor with bespoke Inline Content (e.g.: Mentions!) and Styles.
  • Easily create menus for mentions, tags, etc! We revisited the API + docs for customizing UI Components
  • Large number of fixes including a significant performance improvement by refactoring Placeholders and a rearchitecture of the React integration
  • It's now easier to wait for content to be fetched before initializing the editor, see the Saving & Loading Example.
  • Added method for inserting Inline Content, see Manipulating Inline Content.

Breaking changes

  • useBlockNote has been renamed to useCreateBlockNote. Also, event handlers mostly moved to BlockNoteView or hooks. onEditorReady event has been removed as it's no longer needed. See Editor Setup
  • BlockNoteView now takes props to disable built-in components. See Editor Setup
  • Customizing UI components has been updated to enable more powerful scenarios. See UI Components (among other changes, [element]Positioner components have been renamed to [element]Controller)
  • The API for changing Slash Menu Items has been revised, see Slash Menu
  • Use BlockNoteSchema to register your custom blocks / styles / inline content. See Custom Schemas
  • We separated the Inter font to reduce the main bundle size. Add import "@blocknote/core/fonts/inter.css"; separately

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.11.2...v0.12.0