Robot to record JSON message between LanguageServer client and server and then replay them
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For the TypeCobol project, its source code editing plugin under Eclipse RDz and in the implementation of the completion functionality, intelligent editing using the Microsoft Language Server protocol; it is essential to have a means of recording and carrying out tests in order to:

  • Validate the implementation of the protocol.

  • Validate intelligent editing features by testing the exchanged data, when executing queries and notifications using the JSON data representation format.

Architecture overview


The solution contains 5 projects

  • TypeCobol.LanguageServer.JsonRPC is a C# class library that implements JSON RPC protocol based on the Producer/Consumer Pattern. Nuget.
  • TypeCobol.LanguageServer.Protocol is a C# class library that implements Microsoft Language Server protocol's types and signatures. Nuget.
  • TypeCobol.LanguageServer.Robot.Common is a C# class library that implements core and common Language Server Robot features. Nuget.
  • TypeCobol.LanguageServerRobot is a C# implementation of the Language Server Robot(LSR) application. Nuget.
  • TypeCobol.LanguageServer.Robot.Monitor is a C#/WPF application for monitoring LSR sessions and scenario recording and replay. Nuget.

Projects Dependencies

The projets use the folowing tools aand SDK.