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A brochure website to demonstrate the benefits of variable fonts
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Public site, in collaboration with Google Fonts, advertising the benefits of variable fonts,

This repo is for a site demonstrating variable fonts being written and illustrated by dBerlow@fontbureau.

The editorial structure is an overview and then three sections:

  1. Font primer is a section on existing font format and functionality before variables, with its own intro page. Does not cover all of font before variables, but covers topics that are fundamental to know, or are changing with variables. Extendable to cover more about fonts, per additional topic as required.

  2. Variable fonts is a section on existing font format and functionality before variables, with its own intro page. Each topic in the section matches those in the primer and covers what’s changing and adding functionality from what’s covered in the primmer. Extendable to cover more about variables, per additional topic as required. (All these are written on Google Drive: 4-6 illustrations and graphics are still to come on this from DB.

  3. Each topic has one of more demonstrations, labled as “examples.” In the case of multiple examples in a topic, these can be on seperate branches of the topic, or can build a demo from smaller examples to a combination or varible functionality solving a type issue.

Topics so far are: script, family, style, size, spacing, and contrast/background.

These 6 topics have 16 examples. I began putting text and sketches of these all together in a single RTF on the above drive in: Typography/All-Example Brochure Team

A template exists for these pages and mockups based on that template are in Google slides, which have been shared.

As of 11/28/18, content exists here to make 12-15 pages to start and get more contributors invoved.

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