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  • Disable instance-per-tsconfig by default; make it configurable

    Back in v12.7.0, a change was introduced to spawn a separate tsserver instance per tsconfig.json file. This effectively made project assignment for source files referenced in several projects deterministic. However, this same change can prevent external declaration files (like ones in node_modules/@types) from being reloaded by tsserver even when they are opened in Atom, which is by far a more common thing to want than deterministic project assignment.

    So, the instance-per-tsconfig code is now disabled by default. You can enable it in the Atom-TypeScript settings. The option is called tsserverInstancePerTsconfig and is titled "Spawn separate tsserver instance for each tsconfig.json" in the settings GUI.


  • Auto-add json extension to config file path if it's missing


  • Recursively load extended config


Breaking changes

TL;DR: TypeScript prior to v1.5.3 is no longer supported.

  • Use documentHighlights instead of occurrences

  • Use TypeScript API for parsing tsconfig.json

    Notice: currently, the bundled TypeScript implementation is used. This should work fine in most cases, however, some edge cases might produce confusing behaviour (e.g. Atom-TypeScript might parse tsconfig.json, but tsc might not -- or vice versa). Please report any issues related to tsconfig.json parsing.

  • Remove dependency on tsconfig npm module

    This module was used to parse tsconfig.json more or less "like TypeScript". The module is essentially unsupported at this point. There is little reason to try to use it nowadays.

This essentially makes it so TypeScript prior to v1.5.3 is no longer supported. TypeScript v1.5.3 has been released in July 2015, so I feel that it's old enough to be nearly ubiquitous. If you need to work with TypeScript prior to v1.5.3, please use older release of Atom-TypeScript.

On the plus side, inherited tsconfig.json should work as expected now.


  • Crashed server is restarted on demand only

    In v12.7.0, a feature was added that would auto-restart tsserver if it crashed, but it did contain a guard against crash-loop (to avoid hogging system resources). This decision evidently lead to some confusion, so now the crashed tsserver is only restarted on demand, i.e. if there is a need for a running instance. This should all happen in background. On the upside, now there's no limit to how much tsserver can crash before it's no longer auto-restarted, so it generally should work more consistently.

General fixes

  • Dispose of Linter in errorPusher properly
  • Inherited tsconfig.json should work as expected now due to switching to TypeScript-supplied config parser.


  • Update bundled TypeScript to v3.2.2

  • Fix typo in package.json (Wes Moberly)

  • Add proper LICENSE text

    Atom-TypeScript has always been licensed under the MIT license, but the license text was missing, instead the license file only contained the word "MIT". This has been fixed.

  • Remove bogus await

  • Clean up errorPusher code

  • Remove outdated comments

  • Removed dangling grammar settings

  • Add support for new completionInfo command, avoid using deprecated completions

    Since v3.0.0, TypeScript deprecated old completion commands, and instead implemented new ones. Since we obviously want to support TypeScript prior to v3.0.0 for the time being, the new interface is preferred when available, but Atom-TypeScript will fall back to the old one on TypeScript versions prior to v3.0.0.


  • Clean up tooltip code; Do not try to show tooltips on destroyed editors


  • Auto-restart tsserver syncronously to avoid race conditions


  • Catch and properly report tsconfig parse errors



  • Bundled TypeScript version updated to 3.1.6

  • Made config-file selection deterministic

    Now a separate tsserver instance is started for each tsconfig.json. This has a result of the closest tsconfig.json (wrt directory hierarchy) always being selected for the typescript file. This should make cases where the same file is be used in multiple TypeScript sub-projects less confusing to deal with.

  • Atom-IDE interfaces are preferred to builtin ones if available. This includes tooltips, occurrence markers, etc. Most of these changes can be reverted by choosing appropriate preferences in the Atom-TypeScript settings.

New features

  • Made tooltip position configurable

  • Experimental support for allowJS and checkJS. This needs to be explicitly enabled in the settings

  • Added "signature help", i.e. function arguments tooltip

  • Added the ability to restart tsserver; it will also be auto-restarted on crashes, if those don't happen too frequently

  • Added support for more atom-ide interfaces, namely:

    • Find References
    • Definitions
    • Outline
    • Code Highlight (occurrence highlight)
    • Busy Signal

    Built-in options are still available via settings.

  • Implemented intentions highlight interface


  • Fixed yet another applyEdits operation ordering bug
  • Don't try to compile on save if compileOnSave is false/unset in tsconfig.json
  • Fixed a couple status panel display bugs (status/progress)
  • Added nuclide to list of packages providing UI components (so that there is no prompt to install atom-ide-ui when nuclide is already present)
  • Fix tsconfig path display bug. The display is deferred until the config path is resolved in the first place.
  • A lot of fixes wrt floating promises.
  • Some synchronization fixes


  • Use newer Atom API for text changes
  • Simplify change command invocation
  • Update dependencies
  • Moved built status update to TSBuffer (avoid multiple updates); ensure no change event interleaving
  • Add a rule against floating Disposables
  • Wait a bit longer on checkAllFiles
  • Added no-unbound-method rule
  • Clean autoCompleteProvider code somewhat
  • Do not expose withTypescriptBuffer; don't create temporary ts buffers
  • Simplify client code a bit
  • Removed client accessors from TypeScriptBuffer
  • Tweak some typings (formatting, etc)
  • Enable definition checking; fix definitions
  • Defer requiring SemanticView until needed
  • Major rewrite of TypescriptEditorPane
  • Split commands/clearErrors to separate files
  • Handle promises in occurrence controller appropriately; clear saved markers
  • Move occurrence handler into a pluggable module
  • Shorten buffer flush code in autocompleteProvider
  • Enabled ordered-imports rule
  • Treat TSLint warnings as errors for the purposes of CI
  • Switch to typescript-tslint-plugin
  • Refactor statusbar; throttle pending updates to reduce statusbar jitter
  • Tweak builtin tooltips
  • Refactor tooltips
  • Isolate tsclient code a little better
  • Enabled no-floating-promises rule
  • Refactor TypescriptServiceClient.on
  • Fix typescript server typing


  • Ensure text edits are always applied in reverse location order

    Fixes rename-refactor on TypeScript 3.0

  • Fix spelling of “TypeScript” (Jakob Krigovsky)


  • Normalize file path when searching for existing typescript buffer



New features

  • Added typescript:organize-imports command (needs recent enough TypeScript)

  • Added option for suppressing all diagnostics

  • Added an option to ignore unused* suggestion diagnostics specifically

    See #1433 for context.

    Long story short, TypeScript 2.9 will report unused locals/parameters/etc regardless of tsconfig settings, just with different severity. This option lets you disable those lower-serverity diagnostics specifically.


  • Updated dependencies. In particular, bundled TypeScript version bumped to v2.9.2


  • Refactored commands code
  • Added order to settings


  • Configurable tooltip delay
  • Removed unneeded tooltip delay


  • Allow refactors for empty selection
  • Clean-up client code a bit



  • Don't ignore insertText autocompletion suggestions
  • Minor bugfixes in initializeConfig command


  • Enabled no-shadowed-variable tslint diagnostic
  • Enabled no-unsafe-any tslint diagnostic


  • Fix #1423 (unhandled error when tsserver is terminated)
  • Bundle TypeScript 2.8
  • Add tslint-language-service to set-up.
  • Clean up client code
  • Add "suggestion diagnostics"


  • Fix autocomplete and codefix for tree-sitter


  • Search all panes when opening files (fixes #898)
  • Internal code optimizations
  • Add applyEdits function that also flushes changes to tsserver
  • Add typescript:refactor-selection command to show applicable refactors for a selection (Daniel Contreras)
  • Update to TypeScript 2.7
  • Normalize path in ErrorPusher.getErrorsAt
  • Implement showExpressionType cancellation
  • strict-boolean-expressions
  • Fix spec runner


  • Accept tree-sitter grammar


  • Avoid duplicate open command (which confuses tsserver)
  • Normalize errorPusher path on storage


  • Fix #1413


  • Fix semantic view display on initial creation


  • Track exprTypeTooltip globally

    This should help with tooltips getting "stuck" occasionally.


  • [Bufgix] invalid comparison


  • Fix TypeScript dependency


  • Use external highlighter in tsView instead of MiniEditor
    • Should be a little bit more efficient and avoids flickering due to asynchronous tokenization
  • Remove $ from find-references line number
  • Do not update selectView after resolution
    • Avoids unexpected behavior when selectView is canceled before it loads
  • Fix symbols-view offset
    • Going to an item from symbols-view was offset by 1 character to the right
  • Updates for Atom 1.24


  • Added an alternative to symbols-view (by russa)
    • For file symbols, the same engine is used as for outline view
    • For project symbols, nav-to tsserver command is used. It requires at least one symbol to search for.
  • Improvements to typescript:return-from-declaration
    • All navigation commands (find-references, go-to-declaration, etc) save current editor position
    • Added new command typescript:show-editor-position-history to show backlog of editor positions, that return-from-declaration will go back to
    • Editor position history is persisted across Atom restarts (per project). To avoid bloating, total number of history items is limited to 100
  • Added typescript:reload-projects command
    • Useful when tsserver isn't aware of new or removed files -- previously this required Atom restart
  • Matched substring is highlighted in all select views (like Atom's bundled symbols-view)
  • Streamlined TypeScript file detection
    • TypeScript file extension is assumed to be one of ".ts", ".tst", ".tsx"
    • If it's open in editor, grammar is assumed to be one of "source.ts", "source.tsx"
    • A file has to be saved (i.e. have a file path)
  • Many internal improvements
    • Completely reworked tooltip management
    • Most commands are bound to text-editor instead of the workspace
    • Object lifetime management improvements
    • Removed duplicate and obsolete code
  • Fix README link to CHANGELOG (by Fedde Schaeffer)


  • Merge pull request #1402 "Center cursor after open in goToDeclaration" by Kai Curtis
  • Merge pull request #1280 "Re-adding semantic view" by russaa


  • Use BufferedNodeProcess to spawn tsc (fixes 'init tsconfig' on Windows)


  • Fix occurrence markers


  • Show build error when "Emit failed" is clicked

  • Re-add progress bar for emit

  • Hide successful build status report "Emit success" after a configurable delay

  • Use Etch as the GUI framework instead of deprecated space-pen or direct DOM manipulation

  • Switch to ES2017 target

  • Update dependencies

  • Add typescript:initialize-config command (#1248) (by Paul Ermolin)

    Command is typescript:initialize-config, and it uses tsc init under the hood. Note that this is also an activation command, meaning you can use it without opening a TypeScript file first. However, it determines the project path from currently-active text editor -- if there aren't any text editors open, command doesn't do anything.

    No keybinding is assigned by default, since this is not a command one would use often.

  • Documentation updates

  • Remove obsolete filesGlob snippet

  • Don't use deprecated .editor class in grammar style

  • Add locale setting to control TypeScript's message locale (#1371)


  • Switch to Atom's TypeScript grammar (potentially compatibility-breaking)

    We're discontinuing our own grammar in favor of language-typescript, which is bundled with Atom. Please make sure that language-typescript package is activated, we have no way of activating it for you.

  • Cache constructed TypescriptBuffers by TextBuffers.

    Hopefully this helps with issues like #1300 and #1332

  • Show tooltip command

    Closes #957. Adds typescript:show-tooltip command to show type tooltip at current text cursor position.

  • Configurable autocomplete-plus suggestionPriority

    Closes #1185. Exactly what it says on the tin, allows configuring priority of TypeScript's autocompletion suggestions.

  • Moved config schema to package.json

    This should speed up Atom start-up times, since it doesn't need to load package source until needed.

  • Change target to ES7/2016

    Atom supports full ES7 now, so no reason not to, really.

  • Support for atom-ide-ui

    No installation prompt if atom-ide-ui or linter is detected, support for atom-ide-ui code fixes.

  • Do not show progress bar for emit

    This never worked properly, and a progress bar would get stuck in the panel after emit, so this is treated as a bug and removed for now.

  • Updated installation instructions in README


  • Hide Remove redundant autocomplete label text
  • Update the grammar to fix several highlighting issues
  • Add a framework for writing specs


  • Handle multiple directories in NODE_PATH
  • TypeScript 2.5: exclude tsconfig.json from project files on emit


  • Speed up autocomplete and fix a disposable leak

Older changes

Please note only breaking changes are logged beyond this point. You can use GitHub's branch/tag comparison tool to get a full changeset, for example, shows all changes since v7.0.0 until v8.0.0


  • Major rewrite using tsserver API for the best compatibility with the current versions of Typescript.


  • Removed the (already ignored in any significant way) version option from tsconfig. More



  • We no longer automatically create a tsconfig.json. However we provide a command "TypeScript: Create tsconfig.json project file".


  • Feature: Added ReactJS / .tsx support



  • We will now resolve a parent package.json for you automatically so that its one less thing you need to configure. 🌹


  • New default shortcuts for build : F6 an goto definition: F12. Because I don't want to mess with your atom defaults and a major use base is VS users. Link #145



  • Initial releases