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Syntax Highlighting is bad

Since v12, we're discontinuing our grammar in favor of, which is itself downstream from

General grammar issues should go to, and ones specific to Atom to

Atom can't find modules/files that I just added

Atom complains about errors that shouldn't happen with my tsconfig on new files

Tsserver can be lazy in reindexing project files for performance reasons. You can manually tell it to refresh by running typescript:reload-projects command

Which version of TypeScript does atom-typescript use?

Your current version installed in your node_modules. This gets determined once per open file so you might want to re-open your panes, if you've updated TypeScript in your project.

Atom TypeScript is complaining about not finding files or other weird errors

You probably deleted them or added them or moved them around. The TypeScript compiler is decent about keeping track of moving files, but sometimes things can go out of sync and in that case it's best to simply reset the editor using Window: Reload command.

Failed to Update

This can happen particularly on windows (relevant issue) as it is not possible to delete a file if it is executing. Close all atom instances and run the following commands:

apm uninstall atom-typescript
apm install atom-typescript

Failed to install

Follow the same steps as specified in failed to update.

How can I contribute