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@piotr-oles piotr-oles released this 14 Feb 08:12

4.0.0 (2020-01-17)


  • re-design NormalizedMessage and Formatter (6423d3d)
  • drop support for multi-process mode (e345adc)
  • drop watch paths option (ac91b7b)
  • drop support for webpack 1 and 3 (157aa02)
  • change configuration to support Node.js 6 (a0208ba)
  • drop tslint support (1d410d9)


  • 🧨 Removed colors option from the plugin settings,
  • 🧨 Changed type from NormalizedType to Issue which is used by plugin hooks and formatters,
  • 🧨 Formatter will not receive second argument useColors - it should be handled automatically by the formatter (for example by using chalk)
  • 🧨 Dropped support for multi-process mode (removed workers option from
    plugin configuration, workersNumber argument from serviceStart hook
    and pre-computed consts: ONE_CPU, ALL_CPUS, ONE_CPU_FREE, TWO_CPUS_FREE)
  • 🧨 Dropped support for watch paths option (removed watch option from
    the plugin-configuration and watchPaths argument from serviceStart
  • 🧨 Dropped support for webpack 2.0 and webpack 3.0
  • 🧨 Dropped support for TsLint
  • 🧨 Removed "tslint" and "tslintAutoFix" option
  • 🧨 Removed "hasTslint" argument for the "waiting" plugin hook
  • 🧨 Removed "tslintPath" argument for the "serviceStart" plugin hook