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grunt-ts depends upon chokidar for file watching support which in turn depends on fsevents which gives an install error in the absence of python:


However this does not break anything, and I haven't been able to replicate any broken functionality. So it can be safely ignored.


I think, this error will been fixed if update a package.json to chokidar@0.8.1.
chokidar@0.8.0 tries to install fsevents, but fsevent is used only OS-X environment and needs a node-gyp build system.
fsevent does not need in other platform, so installation of chokidar@0.8.0 fails.
chokidar@0.8.1 checks a platform when setup, so this error was probably fixed. commit log
I tried to update 0.8.1 in local, grunt-ts seemed to work correctly. There is no particular problem at present, but please try to check if you have time.
Sorry for my poor English...

@basarat basarat added a commit that closed this issue Mar 7, 2014
@basarat basarat updated chokidar to 0.8.1 closes #71
bump package.json version and deployed to npm
@basarat basarat closed this in 0c3e73a Mar 7, 2014
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@oahiroaki That fixed it. Thanks!


Thanks. You, too.

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