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Remove obsolete cache options in README (#767)

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Janpot authored and blakeembrey committed Jan 26, 2019
1 parent 544851e commit c8ddd66353e2fc7aac8c8e0790e71c25c58467c3
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@@ -123,15 +123,13 @@ Supports `--print`, `--eval` and `--require` from [node.js CLI options](https://
_Environment variable denoted in parentheses._

* `-T, --transpile-only` Use TypeScript's faster `transpileModule` (`TS_NODE_TRANSPILE_ONLY`, default: `false`)
* `--cacheDirectory` Configure the output file cache directory (`TS_NODE_CACHE_DIRECTORY`)
* `-I, --ignore [pattern]` Override the path patterns to skip compilation (`TS_NODE_IGNORE`, default: `/node_modules/`)
* `-P, --project [path]` Path to TypeScript JSON project file (`TS_NODE_PROJECT`)
* `-C, --compiler [name]` Specify a custom TypeScript compiler (`TS_NODE_COMPILER`, default: `typescript`)
* `-D, --ignore-diagnostics [code]` Ignore TypeScript warnings by diagnostic code (`TS_NODE_IGNORE_DIAGNOSTICS`)
* `-O, --compiler-options [opts]` JSON object to merge with compiler options (`TS_NODE_COMPILER_OPTIONS`)
* `--files` Load files from `tsconfig.json` on startup (`TS_NODE_FILES`, default: `false`)
* `--pretty` Use pretty diagnostic formatter (`TS_NODE_PRETTY`, default: `false`)
* `--no-cache` Disable the local TypeScript Node cache (`TS_NODE_CACHE`, default: `true`)
* `--skip-project` Skip project config resolution and loading (`TS_NODE_SKIP_PROJECT`, default: `false`)
* `--skip-ignore` Skip ignore checks (`TS_NODE_SKIP_IGNORE`, default: `false`)

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