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Add VS Code env note to README (#738)

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**Note:** If you are using the `--project <tsconfig.json>` command line argument as per the [Configuration Options](#configuration-options), and want to apply this same behavior when launching in VS Code, add an "env" key into the launch configuration: `"env": { "TS_NODE_PROJECT": "<tsconfig.json>" }`.

## How It Works

**TypeScript Node** works by registering the TypeScript compiler for `.tsx?` and `.jsx?` (when `allowJs == true`) extensions. When node.js has an extension registered (via `require.extensions`), it will use the extension internally for module resolution. When an extension is unknown to node.js, it handles the file as `.js` (JavaScript). By default, **TypeScript Node** avoids compiling files in `/node_modules/` for three reasons:

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