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This is an example application which utilizes the Typeform authentication mechanism, and also calls the responses API to plot the simple forms data.

The application has two main enpoints:

  • / — an index page which provides an interface to log in and log out actions;
  • /results/:id — a page which plots the graph for the particular form identified by the :id parameter (for example /results/urFORM will display the plot for the form identified by urFORM).

Getting started

Deploy to Heroku

You can deploy your application to Heroku in one click using the button below and following the instructions.




  • More or less recent versions of Node.js and NPM installed
  • Heroku CLI client (needed if you plan to work with Heroku)


To install the application and its dependencies:

$ git clone

$ cd results-example
$ npm install


To run the application you would need to setup some environment variables. The easiest way is to create a .env file and then export it's contents before running the application:

$ cat .env


$ export $(cat .env)

And finally to run the application:

$ npm start

[Re-]deploying to Heroku

In order to be able to deploy your changes to Heroku, you need to add a Heroku remote to your git repository:

$ heroku git:remote -a <your_heroku_application_name>

To deploy the changes to Heroku just push them to the heroku remote:

$ git push heroku master