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Also worth noting that while libass switched to nasm, I haven't done so here because it wasn't worth the effort, so I just made a questionable change to the yasm.targets to emulate nasm behavior
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For binaries and general information see the homepage.

The bug tracker can be found at

Support is available on the forums or on IRC.

Building Aegisub



  1. Visual Studio 2015 (the free Community edition is good enough)
  2. The June 2010 DirectX SDK (the final release before DirectSound was dropped)
  3. Yasm installed to somewhere on your path.

There are a few optional dependencies:

  1. msgfmt, to build the translations
  2. WinRAR, to build the portable installer
  3. InnoSetup, to build the regular installer

All other dependencies are either stored in the repository or are included as submodules.


  1. Clone Aegisub's repository recursively to fetch it and all submodules: git clone --recursive This will take quite a while and requires about 2.5 GB of disk space.
  2. Open Aegisub.sln
  3. Build the BuildTasks project.
  4. Build the entire solution.

You should now have a bin directory in your Aegisub directory which contains aegisub32d.exe, along with a pile of other files.

The Aegisub installer includes some files not built as part of Aegisub (such as Avisynth and VSFilter), so for a fully functional copy of Aegisub you now need to copy all of the files from an installed copy of Aegisub into your bin directory (and don't overwrite any of the files already there). You'll also either need to copy the automation directory into the bin directory, or edit your automation search paths to include the automation directory in the source tree.

After building the solution once, you'll want to switch to the Debug-MinDep configuration, which skips checking if the dependencies are out of date, as that takes a while.


A vaguely recent version of Xcode and the corresponding command-line tools are required. Nothing older than Xcode 5 has been tested recently, but it is likely that some later versions of Xcode 4 are good enough.

For personal usage, you can use homebrew to install almost all of Aegisub's dependencies:

brew install autoconf automake ffmpeg ffms2 fftw freetype fribidi gettext icu4c libass m4 pkg-config
brew install --devel --with-gc64 luajit
brew link --force icu4c
brew link --force gettext
brew install --with-icu4c boost

wxWidgets is located in vendor/wxWidgets, and can be built like so:

./configure --disable-aboutdlg --disable-animatectrl --disable-aui --disable-any \
--disable-bannerwindow --disable-base64 --disable-calendar --disable-caret \
--disable-cmdline --disable-colourpicker --disable-compat28 --disable-config \
--disable-constraints --disable-datepick --disable-dctransform --disable-debugreport \
--disable-dialupman --disable-docview --disable-filehistory --disable-finddlg \
--disable-fs_archive --disable-fs_inet --disable-fs_zip --disable-fsvolume \
--disable-fswatcher --disable-gif --disable-help --disable-html --disable-ipc \
--disable-joystick --disable-jpeg --disable-largefile --disable-markup --disable-mdi \
--disable-mediactrl --disable-metafiles --disable-miniframe --disable-notifmsg \
--disable-numberdlg --disable-pcx --disable-pnm --disable-postscript \
--disable-prefseditor --disable-printarch --disable-progressdlg --disable-propgrid \
--disable-protocol --disable-protocols --disable-rearrangectrl --disable-ribbon \
--disable-richtext --disable-richtooltip --disable-snglinst --disable-sockets \
--disable-sockets --disable-sound --disable-splash --disable-splines \
--disable-std_iostreams --disable-svg --disable-tarstream --disable-tiff \
--disable-tipdlg --disable-tipwindow --disable-url --disable-webkit --disable-webview \
--disable-wizarddlg --disable-xrc \
--enable-geometry --enable-imaglist --enable-listctrl --enable-stc --with-cocoa \
--with-libpng=yes --with-macosx-version-min=10.9 \
--with-opengl \
--without-libjpeg --without-libtiff --without-regex \
&& make

Once the dependencies are installed, build Aegisub with autoreconf && ./configure --with-wxdir=/path/to/Aegisub/vendor/wxWidgets && make && make osx-bundle. autoreconf should be skipped if you are building from a source tarball rather than git.

Updating Moonscript

From within the Moonscript repository, run bin/moon bin/splat.moon -l moonscript moonscript/ > bin/moonscript.lua. Open the newly created bin/moonscript.lua, and within it make the following changes:

  1. Prepend the final line of the file, package.preload["moonscript"](), with a return, producing return package.preload["moonscript"]().
  2. Within the function at package.preload['moonscript.base'], remove references to moon_loader, insert_loader, and remove_loader. This means removing their declarations, definitions, and entries in the returned table.
  3. Within the function at package.preload['moonscript'], remove the line _with_0.insert_loader().

The file is now ready for use, to be placed in automation/include within the Aegisub repo.


All files in this repository are licensed under various GPL-compatible BSD-style licenses; see LICENCE and the individual source files for more information. The official Windows and OS X builds are GPLv2 due to including fftw3.