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👋 Hello! This is an RSS reader which allows you to browse the web better! It's accompanied by a beautiful TUI made with bubble tea

❤️ Getting started

Installing is extremely easy with go install

go install

Which produces a goread executable

📸 Here is a demo of what it looks like:

Here is some basic usage:

Here we use pywal to generate a colorscheme from an image and then convert it to a goread colorscheme!

⚙️ Configuration

📝 The urls file

The urls file contains the categories and feeds that you are subscribed to! This file is generated by the program at the ~/.config/goread/urls.yml location and looks similar to this:

  - name: News
    desc: News from around the world
      - name: BBC
        desc: News from the BBC
  - name: Tech
    desc: Tech news
      - name: Wired
        desc: News from the wired team
      - name: Chris Titus Tech (virtualization)
        desc: Chris Titus Tech on virtualization

You can edit this file yourself or create a script which can for example automatically add a feed from your clipboard!

🌃 The colorscheme file

The colorscheme file contains the colorscheme of your application! It can be generated by hand or using the --get_colors flag. The colorscheme file is put by default in ~/.config/goread/colorscheme.json - an example file would look something like this!

  "BgDark": "#040612",
  "BgDarker": "#040612",
  "Text": "#98ccdc",
  "TextDark": "#98ccdc",
  "Color1": "#625160",
  "Color2": "#BD4354",
  "Color3": "#985063",
  "Color4": "#BA9C6A",
  "Color5": "#1E5AA6",
  "Color6": "#C25C9F",
  "Color7": "#98ccdc"

If you use the --get_colors flag to generate a colorscheme from pywal you have to supply it with the pywal colors.json file which is usually located at ~/.cache/wal/colors.json.

Tasks to do

Here are the things that I've not yet implemented, contributions and suggestions are very welcome!

  • A main category where all the feeds are aggregated
  • Moving the help to the bubbletea help bubble
  • Adding customizable keybinds

💁 Credit where credit is due


The demo was made using vhs, which is an amazing tool, and you should definitely check it out. The entirety of libraries was essential to the development of this project. The cobra library helped to make the cli flags and settings.

Fonts & logo

The font in use for the logo is sen-regular designed by "Philatype" and licensed under Open Font License. The icon was designed by throwaway icons.