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Linux usage instructions

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Command line

Manual Installation

Installing Mono

Please follow the instructions provided here

Running the exporter

Download and extract the latest CLI release.

Replace TOKEN and CHANNEL, then run this command to export:

mono DiscordChatExporter.Cli.exe export -t TOKEN -c CHANNEL

Automatic Installation

First run

Download and unzip the latest tool. In Terminal:

  1. cd to its directory
  2. Run chmod +x maclinux.command as root
  3. Run ./maclinux.command as root

To use the tool again just:

  1. cd to its directory
  2. Run ./maclinux.command


The GUI version of DiscordChatExporter runs well on Wine, with the exception of some cosmetic issues (e.g. black lines sporadically appearing across the application or icons being cut off). However, some additional steps are necessary for the installation.

Installing winehq-stable

Follow the instructions on the page corresponding to your distribution for the winehq-stable package here.

Installing winetricks and .NET 4.6

Debian and Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt install -y binutils cabextract p7zip zenity unzip wget p11-kit-modules:i386

Download winetricks via:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ wget
$ chmod +x winetricks

Then, run the following commands to install .NET for Wine:

$ env WINEPREFIX="$HOME/wine" WINEARCH=win32 wine wineboot
$ env WINEPREFIX="$HOME/wine" WINEARCH=win32 ./winetricks dotnet46

There'll be several installer prompts, go through them as you normally would and do NOT close the Terminal window until its output is finished.

Running the exporter

Download and extract the latest

Then, in the extracted folder, run this command to start the exporter:

$ env WINEPREFIX="$HOME/wine" WINEARCH=win32 wine DiscordChatExporter.exe

Alternatively, you may globally set the WINEPREFIX and WINEARCH environment variables with:

$ export WINEPREFIX="$HOME/wine" && export WINEARCH=win32

So the tool can be started with a simple command:

$ wine DiscordChatExporter.exe

Special thanks to @RenanYudi and @jman005 (GUI on Wine)

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