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Failsafe is a library that provides a fluent interface for retrying an operation.



  • Retry on specific, derived or any exception
  • Match exceptions with a predicate
  • Limit number of retries
  • Configurable delay between retries
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous execution
  • Fluent interface
  • Targets .NET Framework 4.5+ and .NET Standard 2.0+
  • No external dependencies


Basic example

var result = Retry.Create().CatchAnyException().Execute(FlakyMethod);

Retry only on specific exceptions

var result = Retry.Create()
	.Catch<InvalidOperationException>() // match specific exception
	.Catch<IOException>(true) // match specific exception and derived from it
	.Catch<FileNotFoundException>(false, ex => ex.FileName == "file.txt") // match specific exception and use predicate

Configure retry limit and delay

var result = Retry.Create()
	.WithMaxTryCount(15) // no more than 15 attempts
	.WithDelay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0.2)) // wait 0.2s before trying again

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