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Open sourced version of University of Alberta's ScriptEase project.
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#ScriptEase II ScriptEase II is a program that allows video game designers to add events to their games without directly knowing how to code software. Instead of a programming language, ScriptEase gives the user a graphical user interface to add functionality to their game worlds. ScriptEase II can work with any supported game through the use of specific translators.

ScriptEase II was the product of University of Alberta research before becoming an open source project in 2015.

#Versions ScriptEase II is currently in version 2.8, however a more stable environment 2.7 is available for download from our website. The zip file for version 2.7 is also available in our repository. Please see "Issues" for the current problems with 2.8

##Documentation Installation, Running and develper documentation can be found on the wiki.

##ScriptEase I Links Some old remnants of the first version of ScriptEase:

Quest pack: NOTE You should right-click and Save-As this file or else your browser may attempt to open it. Special Conversation Templates: NOTE Save as above. The last ScriptEase 1 JAR file is located at:

##Translator Specific Library The Hack-E-Bot translator utilizes github user Maniacbug's StandardCplusplu Arduino library. A zipped copy of the library can be found in this repository, but please feel free to download a fresh copy from the given link.

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