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RdvZ ChangeLog
version 2.0.4
* vote counts are now visible.
* new design for the poll page.
* new task for ldap user information update.
version 2.0.3
2010-05-25 Romain Deveaud <>
* new meeting bookmarking feature.
* user help is now available.
* svn externals pointing to private repositories fixed.
* logout bugfix if not using a CAS server.
* configuration of secure SMTP connection in install script.
* configuration of notification mails sender in the install script.
* configuration of the number of hash characters in install script.
* LDAP mail autocomplete is available but needs a little hack, see README.
version 2.0.2
2010-04-09 Romain Deveaud <>
* fixed hard coded paths.
* stable release.
* cron tasks for automatic meeting removal.
verion 2.0.1b
2010-04-07 Romain Deveaud <>
* apps/frontend/config/routing.yml : better routing configuration.
* install : the install script now asks you for a SMTP server.
* fixed the bug that occured when unauthenticated users wanted to comment
their votes.
* fixed a critical bug in the LDAP connection plugin.
* users of a former RdvZ version (1.x) can now import their datas to
the new database.
* internationalization : french and english languages available.
version 2.0b
2010-03-16 Romain Deveaud <>
* stable development code commit.
* code comments in model and action files.
* new date selection method when creating a meeting.
* meeting search field on the homepage.
* meeting editing now works and does not reset votes anymore.
* users can now comment their votes.
* various bugfixes.
* application installer, building the database.
* user documentation in README and INSTALL files.
version 2.0
2009-12-04 Romain Deveaud <>
* beginning of the RdvZ 2.0 Symfony project, first development code commit.
version 1.2.2
2009-10-06 Romain Deveaud <>
* includes/install/connection.php : fixes bugs in the install process where
relative pathes weren't pointing to the correct files.
* templates/uapv/calendar.tpl.php : fixes a PHP syntax which raised a Fatal
* ChangeLog : beginning of this ChangeLog.
version 1.2.1
2009-10-01 Arnaud Didry <>
* includes/ldap_lecture.php : get_infos() function bugfix.
* includes/install/write_conf_cas.php : date_comments is now datecomments in
the database creation script.