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RdvZ 2.0.3

None of the following items are in any order of importance or difficulty. Where possible, related items have been grouped together.

Before implementing any of these, we suggest that you ask about it (them) on the mailing list

RdvZ development

  • web installer.
  • when creating a new meeting, adding a new date moves the calendar but it shouldn't.
  • configuration of closing and deleting dates.
  • mail notification when a meeting has been edited.
  • find a nice way to include the LDAP autocomplete version of meetingForm in the install script.

Features that would be nice

  • writing meetings in a diary.
  • defining specific meetings (ex : weekly meeting).
  • Shibboleth support.
  • web services.

RdvZ evolution

  • installer : set default values on user input.
  • bugfixes.
  • deployment procedures improvement.
  • community development and support.