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RdvZ 2.0.3

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RdvZ is a web application developed by the Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse which allows to create and manage meetings and to poll potential attendee avalibility. The application allows both anonymous and authenticated access (it can be either with Database or with a CAS server + LDAP or with a LDAP server alone), but whatever the access mode, everybody is able to vote without being authenticated.


See the LICENSE file.


Web Server requirements

RdvZ is developped with the web framework symfony and is based on a LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), so you need to setup a web server in order to run RdvZ.

Websites to check :

Of course MySQL is not required, you can use for example PostgreSQL, Oracle...

In addition, the install bash script requires php-cli to run (PHP Command Line), if you are running a Debian based distribution, just do :

    $ apt-get install php5-cli

Symfony requirements

The symfony version used for RdvZ is symfony1.3. It requires :

  • PHP >= 5.2.4, and ideally not 5.2.9

It also requires some optional things, if you want to perform a clean install you may want to check it, do :

    $ wget
    $ php check_configuration.php

You should also execute the checker from a browser and fix the issues it might discover. That's because PHP can have a distinct php.ini configuration file for these two environments, with different settings.

Don't forget to remove the index.html file in your root web browser directory.

CAS requirements

If you plan to run RdvZ with a CAS authentication, note that the php-cas library is already include in the RdvZ sources, but it requires the curl library :

    $ apt-get install php5-curl

LDAP requirements

If you plan to run RdvZ with a LDAP (with or without CAS), note that the php-ldap library is required :

    $ apt-get install php5-ldap


See the INSTALL file.

I was using RdvZ 1.x and I want my datas in RdvZ 2.0 !

You just have to run a command :

    $ php symfony rdvz:retrieve-old-datas "<rdvz1_database_dsn>" <db_user> <db_password>

The DSN has the following syntax : [pdo]:host=[host_serv];dbname=[db_name] Where :

  • pdo : mysql, pgsql... (values accepted by PHP PDO :
  • host_serv : the server where the database is hosted
  • db_name : the name of the database
  • db_user : the user that has rights on the database (usually root)
  • db_password : the db password of the user

RdvZ 2.x was already running on my web server, but I want to install the latest version

Just run the install script as you did the first time, the database structure will be automatically updated.

I want LDAP autocompletion on mail adresses

See the README of plugins/uapvFormExtraPlugin. Currently a very experimental feature, feel free to contribute !

Did you find a bug?

Or maybe you think the application or the installer can be improved? Visit our bugtracker at and create a ticket to describe your problem (you can leave your messages in french if you are comfortable with it) ; we will answer as soon as possible.

For a better RdvZ experience...

RdvZ works on Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers, but its design is optimized for the following versions :

  • Firefox >= 3.6 (which is a major update, if you are not currently using you should seriously consider upgrading your version),
  • All Google Chrome versions