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Configures a web platform with Apache, PHP, and MariaDB or PostgreSQL
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LAMPP Platform Cookbook

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Maintainer: OIT Systems Engineering (


This cookbook configures a stack consisting of Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PostgreSQL (LAMPP). Apache is configured using the http_platform cookbook. The databases are configured using the database_application cookbook.

A PHP application is deployed from an archive.



This cookbook requires Chef 14+.


Supported Platform Families:

  • Debian
    • Ubuntu, Mint
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • Amazon, CentOS, Oracle
  • Fedora

Platforms validated via Test Kitchen:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • CentOS
  • Fedora


This cookbook does not constrain its dependencies because it is intended as a utility library. It should ultimately be used within a wrapper cookbook.


This cookbook provides no custom resources.



This recipe configures a webserver and database.


If a both a local database is configured and backups are configured, this recipe will restore the database from the latest snapshot. Otherwise does nothing.



  • node['lampp_platform']['database_host']. Defaults to 'localhost'. The host at which the database is located. If equal to 'localhost', servers and databases are installed per attributes of the database_application cookbook. Otherwise, only database clients are installed.

  • node['lampp_platform']['base_name']. Defaults to nil. The name used for scoping the application and name directories. Must be set or an exception is raised.

Note that node['http_platform']['apache']['mpm_module'] is set to 'prefork' to support PHP.


  • node['lampp_platform']['app']['archive']['download_base_url']. Defaults to nil. The URL of the directory from which to fetch the application archive. Must be set or an exception is raised.

  • node['lampp_platform']['app']['archive']['download_file_link']. Defaults to nil. The URL slug of the download. If nil, defaults to download_file_name.

  • node['lampp_platform']['app']['archive']['download_file_name']. Defaults to nil. The archive file to be downloaded. Must be set or an exception is raised.

  • node['lampp_platform']['app']['archive']['extract_root_directory']. Defaults to nil. The name of the directory created by extracting the archive. Must be set or an exception is raised.

  • node['lampp_platform']['app']['archive']['extract_creates_file']. Defaults to nil. The relative path to a file that is created by extraction. Used for idempotence. Must be set or an exception is raised.

  • node['lampp_platform']['app']['sync']['exclude_paths']. Defaults to []. Set of paths to exclude when the application code is synced from the download to the library location. Commonly used to avoid clobbering in-source configuration files.

  • node['lampp_platform']['app']['serve_path']. Defaults to nil. The path at which the application is served. For example, 'wiki' or 'app'. The URL of the application will then be 'https://host.domain/serve_path'. See the mediawiki_application cookbook for an example of configuring redirects, rewrites, and pretty URLs. Must be set or an exception is raised.

  • node['lampp_platform']['app_updated']. Defaults to false. Set to true in a recipe if the application repo changed. Can be used to gate non-idempotent configuration code.


For some operations, like installing mod_php, the version of PHP on the system must be known. This will be the version in the standard repos for Debian- and Fedora-based systems, and the version provided by EPEL+IUS on RHEL-based distros. The defaults match the latest repos when this cookbook was updated, but will need to be set for older or newer distros.

  • node['lampp_platform']['install']['debian_php_version']. Defaults to '7.2'. The version of PHP installed on Debian-based distros.

  • node['lampp_platform']['install']['rhel_php_version']. Defaults to '7.3'. The version of PHP to install on RHEL- or Fedora-based distros.


This is an application cookbook; no custom resources are provided. See recipes and attributes for details of what this cookbook does.

See test/cookbooks/test_harness for example usage of this cookbook. See the mediawiki_application cookbook for a more full-fledged example.


See and

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