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DSCI 513: Databases and Data Retrieval

How to work with data stored in relational database systems or in formats utilizing markup languages. Storage structures and schemas, data relationships, and ways to query and aggregate such data.

Course Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Use an Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagram to determine the entities, relationships, attributes, data types, primary keys, foreign keys, etc., for a given database application; translate an ER Diagram to a relational database schema.
  2. Write SQL statements to define, query, and update tables in a database.
  3. Write programs containing embedded SQL statements to communicate with and query a database, thereby generating reports requiring more complicated logic and calculations than what is possible via stand-alone SQL.
  4. Write well-formed XML; use XPath and XQuery to write simple queries over an XML repository (i.e., XML database).
  5. Explain basic concepts of the Map Reduce paradigm.



Lab topic Due Date
1* Intro to SQL. Embedded SQL programming in R 2018-11-17
2 ER diagrams. Embedded SQL programming in Python. 2018-11-24
3* Advanced SQL. 2018-12-01
4 Write well-formed XML; extraction from XML; MapReduce 2018-12-08


Time Date Location
1 15:00 - 15:30 2018-11-27 In your lab section
2 11:00 - 11:30 2018-12-13 DPM 301


# Date Day Topic Slides
1 2018-11-13 Tue Introduction to the relational model; Syntax/concepts for creating tables; Introduction to constraints Lecture1.pdf; live coding examples
2 2018-11-15 Thur Basic querying using SQL: Selection, Projection, Join Lecture2.pdf; sailors.db; Lecture2_with_answers.pdf; live coding examples
3 2018-11-20 Tue Conceptual database design - Part 1: ER model, constraints Lecture3.pdf
4 2018-11-22 Thur Conceptual database design - Part 2: Translating ER to relational DB Lecture4.pdf; Lecture4_with_answers.pdf; live coding examples
5 2018-11-27 Tue Advanced SQL queries: set operations, nested queries Lecture5.pdf; Lecture5_with_answers.pdf; live coding examples; Selfjoin_to_nestedquery_example
6 2018-11-29 Thur Advanced SQL queries: aggregation Lecture6.pdf
7 2018-12-04 Tue Database application development; Introduction to semi-structured data and internet applications Lecture7.pdf
8 2018-12-06 Thu Semantic web; Big data; Introduction to MapReduce Lecture8.pdf; cd_catalog.xml; cd_catalog.ipynb

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