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#Xojo-AppleLib A library extending Xojo’s features for Apple-based systems (macOS and iOS). 64 Bit and new framwork compatible.

This library combines both OSXLib and iOSLib into one repository combining two libraries using a lot of shared code. I replaces the stand-alone implementations of iOSLib and OSXLib. The OSXLib part has all the functionality of the former OSXLib, with CoreBluetooth, SpriteKit and more. Once everything from the old iOSLib Unified is included, the old library will be deleted.

This library uses the CGFloat datatype, external declares and IDE descriptions. Xojo 2015r3 is therefore the minimum required version. It should be checking for the availability of methods from OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 onwards, but I might have overseen a few version hints. If you should be running a part of AppleLib on an older system and experience crashes, please file a bug report. In other cases too of course. While rebuilding the classes, I add description tags to methods and properties of included classes. Please refer to Apple’s developer documentation for more information on their use. Later, convenience methods which will "Xojoidize" many features will follow.


You need to install Joe Ranieri’s OBJC blocks plugin for the macOS part:
Here’s the forum discussion about it:

Do not be alarmed that newer version warning might appear from tine to time. I check compatibility with the recent betas and it can happen that this version will be used for save accidentally.

Very important!

Keeping the external files independent in a higher-level folder wasn’t so easy – I had to edit the project files manually to finally make it work. Please file a short bug report or send me a notice if you should encounter any problems.


Written 2016 by Ulrich Bogun, You are entitled to use this library AS IS and on your own risk. I do not take responsibility for anything harmful that could happen to your computer, but I can assure you there are no backdoors, traps or intended bugs of this and different kinds and I am using this library myself without my computer blowing up or similar things.

There are, anyway, some places where I had to leave the programming style recommended by the Xojo engineers, usually because for some problems no recommended path exists. So, please be aware that while I test my classes and usually check for memory leaks too, some code could stop working at some time, and leaks may exist. Please check your project for leaks in Activity monitor and Instruments and notify me of problems.


I still have to read through different license models. Until then no legalese here but this human readable statement: AppleLib is free to use, but this does not mean you are free from obligations.

All this stuff eats a tremendous amount of time. If you want to contribute to the growth of independent, free libraries for Xojo, please consider a keep-it-up-contribution via Paypal to bogun atsign satzservice dot de. It would be nice to include a "uses AppleLib" hint in your splash or info screen, and a license for an app created with AppleLib is gratefully taken.

If you use SpriteKit or SceneKit to create games or simulations for a free or commercial but not restricted customer base, consider sending me a license part of the libraries’ license. And, of course: Contributions to this library are always welcome! With combined effort we could create libraries for all supported platforms in a short period of time.

Adding your own controls

Stay tuned for a Wiki explaining how to on both libraries. If you want to start immediately, send me a note.


A library extending Xojo‘s macOs and iOS features – 64 bit and new framework compatible.






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