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UCC Core integration/staging repository

UCC is a brand new digital currency building up a global Community to be united against scam-attempts. We will offer Swap-Solutions for Communitys which has been scammed. Also we will Support Charity Organisations and - who knows - eventually you all onedays can pay in big Online Shops with our United Coin (UC). The Community stands at first place, so there will be a Government System where each holder can vote for actual Projects. It is NOT intented to be a HIGH ROI Coin, we will offer support for scammed Peoples as a long-Term Subject. You may ask why we have such a huge Premine?! To offer swaps for scammed coins we need a lot of Coins and also there will be a fee during the Lifetime of the Project so that we can offer the swaps (with a specific ratio).

The UCC Code was forked from XDNA Project.

More information soon at uccnetwork.org.

If you like our Idea, feel free to contact us and work with us. For Discussions we use Discord: Click here to follow invite Link.

Coin Specs

Name & tickerUnited Community Coin (UCC)
Consensus algorithmPoW/POS
POW phase duration777000 blocks
PoW block rewardDynamic from 4 to 511 UCC
Instamine protectionFirst 720 blocks
Hashing algorithmHEX
Estimated UCC supply during POW80,000,000
POS starting block777001
POS phase durationUnlimited for now
POS block reward24 UCC lowering by 4 coins every 525600 blocks until block reward is 1 UCC
POS block reward distributionSeeSaw
Estimated UCC supply during 15 years of POS47,000,000
Premine5,3000,00 UCC (4.17% of total supply due many swapping coins are needed)
Blocksize1 MB
Blocktime average1 min (DGW3)
Number of transaction confirmations6
Maturity60 confirmations

Block reward for the BitGun Algo (Thanks goes to XDNA-Devs!)

LevelNetwork hashrate (Th/s)Block reward